cheating pen

The Revolutionary Cheating Pen

A Pocket-sized pen that can hide your notes. With a flick of your finger, you can pull out your notes and save your grades!

This pen has a secret that only you know about! A hidden roll of notes is embedded inside the pen, accesible via a simple roll-out mechanism. Store a note, a difficult formula, or even an entire speech for when you need it most.

Each Pen includes 3 sheets of roll-out paper

“Just Awesome. Grades went from a D+ to a B+. Best money I ever spent.”


“Until this pen, I was struggling to memorize material and failing exams. Thank you.”


“I have a hard time studying, this just made my life so much easier.”


How many pens would you like?

The only thing left for you to do is to decide how how much you want to improve your life...

1 Pen



  • 1 Cheating Pen
  • Discreet & Free Shipping
  • 3 Roll-out Note Refills

3 Pens



  • 3 Cheating Pens
  • Discreet & Free Shipping
  • 9 Roll-out Note Refills

5 Pens



  • 5 Cheating Pens
  • Discreet & Free Shipping
  • 15 Roll-out Note Refills